"Intellect" is an international peer-reviewed and refereed periodical scientific journal.

It is referred to in the Georgian abstract journal of Techinform of Georgia.

The journal has a WEB page on the Internet: https://inteleqti.openjournals.ge/index.php/intelecti.

"Intellect" journal has moved to the platform of Georgian scientific journals www.openjournals.ge. The platform aims to place the Georgian scientific open-access journals in one space. The platform is based on Open Journal Systems (OJS). The OJS system was created in 2001 as a system for publishing and managing scientific journals and is the most widely used system for publishing scientific journals in the world. The system is integrated with Google Scholar, which ensures the automatic indexing of articles in Google Scholar.

The journal is delivered to almost all libraries of state higher education institutions and research institutions of Georgia, the library of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia, the National Library, Techinform, etc.

The journal is distributed internationally, in the British and London libraries, the American Institute for Social Research (New York), the University of California, the Department of Education, Science and Culture of the United Nations (UNESCO, Paris), the International Union of Technical Associations and Organizations (UATI, Paris), Germany, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, etc.; in scientific research and training institutions, where the journal is processed, the inclusion of appropriate material in abstract journals and international catalogs.

JOURNAL DOI: https://doi.org/10.52340/intellect